First Trimester

First Trimester Recap

I didn’t announce my pregnancy until I was fourteen weeks and I didn’t start this blog until I was almost sixteen weeks, so I thought I’d take some time and give a little recap of my first trimester, since it doesn’t have any “Weekly” posts to read. I had a pretty typically rough first trimester, with plenty of nausea, some food aversions, and some time spent on the bathroom floor when things were worse than that, but I was fortunate to avoid the most severe nausea or fatigue. I worked throughout my first trimester, and even was in a community theater show until I was eight weeks. So I was functional, if slightly miserable.

Weeks 1-4: Here’s the thing about pregnancy dating — you don’t really know you’re pregnant for the first four weeks. Heck, for the first two weeks, you’re not even really pregnant because they start measuring weeks from the first day of your period, so you’re not even going to ovulate and potentially be pregnant for about two weeks (give or take, though my body likes to follow the rules). Then, you have two weeks where you might be pregnant, and if you’re actively trying to conceive, you have to decide if you want to act like you are pregnant for those two weeks, knowing full well that at the end of that two weeks, you might get your period and feel like a total dope for turning down that trip to Spa World.

Weeks 5-8: Here’s where it got interesting. I found out I was pregnant just before I would have been four weeks pregnant. The next week, I entered tech for the community theater show I had auditioned for in a fit of frustration at not being pregnant again back in January. Luckily, I didn’t get hit right away with nausea, so I managed the every-night-of-the-week rehearsal schedule that week alright. And then things went downhill. The week after we opened, I got hit with nausea. I started carrying little cans of ginger beer and handfuls of ginger candies everywhere I went. I nibbled pretzels in between scenes. Eventually, I had a week where I stopped being able to stomach solid food for an entire day, so I called the doctor for help. I had tried Unisom and vitamin B6, but found it knocked me out too effectively to use during the day, and then my nausea would come roaring back in the late afternoon.

So the doctor put me on Reglan, and it was a miracle. I didn’t feel totally normal, but at least I could eat regularly and didn’t usually have to make a run for the bathroom except once in a while when I either went too long between doses, or sometimes first thing in the morning. I definitely credit the meds with getting me through a few really busy weekends with both work and show commitments.

Weeks 9-12: The week after we closed the show, I had my first ultrasound, where we saw our baby for the first time. It was emotional, give our past history of loss, and I found myself crying tears of joy while laying on the table. I also decided our baby looked like a potato. The ultrasound technician called it “Spud.” Dan noticed that the appointment to talk with the doctor was a lot quicker this time around, when things were going well, than it had been the first time, when it turned into an appointment about handling our loss, which I thought was an interesting thing to notice. We told our parents. I also continued to feel pretty crappy. I discovered an aversion to bacon and dark chocolate. At least I mostly stopped having to rely on protein shakes for nutrition, since I had the Reglan.

Weeks 13-15: During week 13, we had our NT scan and blood test to check for genetic issues. Both came back clean and we told our siblings. I decided to wait and announce to Facebook after 14 weeks, but told my boss and started telling people at work right after the NT scan. During week 13, I started feeling a bit better and eventually weaned off the Reglan. I also started going back to the gym, and I’ve found that regular exercise definitely helps me feel better, although I maintained my habit of walking a lot throughout the first trimester. I also started to notice my lower belly poking out more and more. Even though I don’t look pregnant, I can tell there’s something starting to show there.

Things I Loved During the First Trimester:

  1. Mini pretzels
  2. Orgain vegan nutrition shakes
  3. Gin-gins candies
  4. Reglan
  5. Cola
  6. Spaghetti with jarred sauce and frozen meatballs
  7. Takeout pad Thai
  8. Podcasts to distract me during my commute
  9. My black maxi skirt and yoga pants
  10. Nalda Around the World Candle in DMZ (it’s minty!) for covering bad smells at home

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