Second Trimester

The Pregnant Cold

Pregnancy is full of exciting “firsts:” The first time you see the baby on an ultrasound, the first time the baby on the ultrasound looks like a baby and not a potato, the first time you feel movement. And then there are the not-so-exciting firsts. Like the first time you get sick while pregnant. I’m not talking about nausea or other pregnancy-related things, but the first time you catch a cold while pregnant.

Well, I managed to catch my first cold this week. It’s not surprising, given that I was on two flights in the same weekend. I got home from Barcelona on Saturday and had to head back out Sunday morning to catch a flight to Maine for a work trip. I’d been feeling a bit dry and maybe a little congested Sunday morning, and my throat might have been a bit scratchy. But by Monday morning it was obvious that this wasn’t just the effects of dry airplane air: I was definitely getting sick.

This was made all the worse by the fact that I couldn’t even rest and recover in the comfort of my own home, with my wide collection of teas and home remedies, and an attentive husband to help me out. No, I was alone in a hotel room on a mountain in Maine without even access to a drugstore or grocery store to get provisions. And I had to make myself presentable enough to attend conference sessions during the day. Thankfully, the conference I’m at has a big chunk of free time in the afternoons, so I’ve taken advantage of that time to rest up, and now, three days in, I feel like I’m on the mend.

Unfortunately, while you’re pregnant, it can feel wrong to take medications unless absolutely necessary. Personally, I try to stick to drug-free remedies unless I have a fever. But I didn’t have my thermometer, so I was never sure if I was just feeling crummy or feeling like I was running a mild fever. So I did take some children’s Tylenol when I felt the worst, but mostly I’ve been sticking to drinking hot tea with honey, or hot water when I didn’t have tea in my room, and taking hot showers to help loosen congestion. Plus, staying hydrated and rested. If I were at home, I’d add a few sinus rinses with my neti pot per day, but alas.

Thankfully, I’ve started feeling baby movements, and have felt quite a few dance parties in there while I’ve been sick, so I’m not too worried about the effects of this cold on the baby, but my anatomy scan on Monday can’t come soon enough for my peace of mind!

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