Second Trimester, Weeklies

Twenty-three Weeks Pregnant

I’m 23 weeks pregnant today! I’ve mostly gotten my activity back up to where it was before my vacation and illness, which is nice. I feel like I’ve gotten into a little pregnant lady groove. I no longer have moments where I don’t feel pregnant, plus I’m showing to the outside world, so I pretty much never have to worry about sitting on the metro, which is nice. I wish the weather were a little cooler and less humid, but I’m doing pretty well this week.

How I’m Feeling:

I feel pregnant. My belly is noticeably big and I can feel that it takes me extra effort to get around. It’s started taking me about five extra minutes to make some of my normal walks to get to work and things, which is a little annoying, but I’ve learned to allow myself the extra time. I’m also feeling baby movements everyday, though there are still strong days and weaker days, depending on where baby is sitting.

This week I noticed that I’m peeing a lot more. I know a lot of other women who have been pregnant will hate me for it, but I don’t really need to pee all that much more often since I got pregnant. I can mostly make it through the night without needing to get up and pee, as long as I don’t drink a big glass of water right before bed. But this week, I’m noticing the peeing more. I did have at least one day where it was obvious baby was just sitting on my bladder, wiggling occasionally. So fun.

While my first trimester nausea was pretty much gone by about 14 weeks, I’m starting to realize that my base level of nausea is just higher than it was before I was pregnant. I think it’s starting to become a mixture of pregnancy hormones and just indigestion from things getting squished up in there. I’m also noticing that I get short of breath more easily, probably from my lungs getting crowded.

But I’m otherwise feeling pretty good. Just, y’know, big.

Current Cravings: Nothing really specific, just generally hungrier, although I usually want eggs most days, and today I really, really wanted a pulled pork sandwich with cole slaw for lunch

Exercise: 3.1 average miles/day walking, barre twice, yoga twice

Fruit Comparison: Ear of corn

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