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Maternity Wear: Definitively Bumpin’

Well, my bump has definitively popped (for a couple months now) and I’m at the point where most of my non-maternity clothes really don’t fit. So I thought it was time for a maternity wear update! First of all, I was very lucky to have friends who had lots of maternity wear to share. One friend even gave me the traveling box of maternity wear that is shared among her coworkers, so I have a big stash of things to try. Unfortunately, most of it seemed geared towards cooler weather, so I hadn’t really broken into the box much, especially while regular t-shirts and tank tops would stretch to accommodate me. But since I started feeling uncomfortable in regular shirts, I’ve been really happy to find some maternity tanks and tees. And another friend gifted me some nursing bras and maternity tank tops.

So I think first of all, I should bring up my personal maternity style, as it’s evolved. Because I’ve had body-image issues in the past, I was really unsure how I would react to my growing body and belly. I assumed that I would want figure-hiding, flowing styles, like the tunics I talked about last time, or the empire-waist maxi dresses I bought in the second trimester. Surprisingly enough, I found that I started gravitating towards clinger styles, like bodycon dresses and ruched t-shirts. It turns out, I really like the way my body looks now that I’m obviously pregnant, so I like showing off my belly.

To that end, I’ve been loving the maternity t-shirts and tank tops from Old Navy and Liz Lange Maternity for Target that I got from friends. I wear one of my black maxi skirts with a maternity tank top or t-shirt and I feel like a pregnant goddess. I’ve also found two dress styles from Daily Ritual on Amazon that are very flattering. This one has sleeves and this one is sleeveless (although, heads-up, it is not really a bra-top dress and just has an extra panel of fabric in the top). They’re a slightly thinner material, but they’re not see-thru, miraculously don’t seem to show pantie lines, and are really comfortable during the late-summer-early-fall weather we’ve been having. I’ll probably add a heavier cardigan or pullover for later in fall, and maybe some leggings.

So those are my main updates to my maternity wardrobe. It’s not much, because I bought plenty of versatile pieces earlier on, but it’s been nice to get a few more things as I learn my personal pregnancy style.

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