Baby Shower Recap!

I had my baby shower this weekend! We was so lucky to have some wonderful hosts and a great group of friends and family to help us celebrate. When I talked to my good friend about a shower, the only things I stipulated were that it needed to be co-ed and include my husband, and that we couldn’t be forced to play typical shower games (no candy in diapers for me, thanks). But since my husband and I are both board game enthusiasts, she and my mother decided to go with a games theme for the party. They had it in a local liquor store, which sounds odd, but the store also has a really lovely little bistro at which we’ve met often for lunches.


It was really nice to have absolutely nothing to do with planning the party. Dan and I showed up about 15 minutes before the official start time, and brought some gifts that had been sent ahead. Sadly, his parents and sisters couldn’t make it because of scheduling difficulties, so we made sure to bring their gifts (and we’re having his parents over this weekend to celebrate privately!). The room was lovely, with round tables set up. The theme was apparent in the vintage board games used as centerpieces for each table. While they were mostly for decoration, the Scrabble table decided to get into the spirit and play a bit while we were eating, drinking, and socializing.

My mother and friend did a fantastic job of choosing a varied menu for the light buffet of snacks. We had wings, flatbread pizzas, empanadas, and jalapeno-corn poppers, along with crudite, cheese, crackers, and hummus. Even my vegan friend had a big plate of food. And then my friend, who is a fantastic baker, made homemade cupcakes. She made Earl Grey cupcakes (of course!) filled with lemon curd and frosted with an Earl Grey lemon frosting, chocolate cupcakes filled with raspberry and frosted with chocolate frosting, and carrot cakes filled with salted caramel and topped with cream cheese frosting. Plus, she made vegan cupcakes with cookies-and-cream frosting so that the vegans wouldn’t feel left out!


After enjoying some food and drinks (water for me!), Dan and I settled in to open the mountain of generous gifts our friends gave us. In addition to our registry, the invitation asked that people bring books from their childhoods to pass along to our child. It was such a lovely nostalgic trip to open some of these books, which I remember from my own childhood. Dan and I are both voracious readers, and hopefully this will help us start a library for the new baby to instill that love in them.

It was a thoroughly wonderful afternoon and we were touched by the excitement and support of our friends. Plus, the gifts have helped us feel just a bit more ready for the arrival of our baby in about two months! Once again, it feels like a threshold that we’ve crossed, moving into the final stages of pregnancy and preparing for the transition to parenthood. Of course we’ll make it with a little help from our friends.

Photos courtesy of Kristofer Northrup

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