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Hypnobabies Self-Study Course: Maintenance Check-In #1

Alright, so I’ve finished my Hypnobabies self-study course and I’ve been in “maintenance mode” for a few weeks now, so I thought I’d check in and let you know how it’s going. Currently, my schedule is that I’m supposed to listen to affirmations every day, one long hypnosis track (which rotates each day), and the shorter “Maintenance Techniques Practice.” Once again, I want to stress that this program is not “get fit in 20 minutes a day;” it’s really more like mental P90X, even in maintenance. It does require a bit of a time commitment, and I’m still finding that I need to make a conscious effort to fit in my practice. Oddly enough, I sometimes find that days when I don’t go to work are the days when I’ll struggle to fit in all my hypnosis practice because when I have all day, I’ll often put it off. When I’m going to work, I know that I need to work within a schedule, so I’ll make some time either early in the morning or at lunch to fit in one of my practice sessions so that I have less to fit in in the evenings. I still like to listen to affirmations on the metro.

But since I’ve started noticing the change in my mindset about childbirth, and I’m starting to feel these techniques integrating into my mental and physical body, I’ve also started forgiving myself for not practicing perfectly. I’ve also found that I’m more likely to fall asleep while listening to longer tracks, but that’s okay. And sometimes I’ll just put on a track and let it run while I drift off to sleep, if I haven’t made time earlier in the day. I’ve also found that I can tune into my body and my breath and put myself into hypnosis at times when I need the extra relaxation and support.

Another benefit is that, despite the fact that we’ve been slightly remiss at doing scripts, Dan and I are connecting more consciously over how we’re feeling about the pregnancy, upcoming birth, and childcare. Dan will initiate our version of the weekly partner communication exercise by checking in with me how I’m feeling, and then once in a while we’ll formally go through the questions in the exercise and see if there’s something we hadn’t discussed in a while. I feel like we’re really working together on everything, instead of me preparing for the thing that is going to affect my body, independent of him. I’m feeling better about childbirth largely because I trust that I can rely on him to help me through it.

So all in all, I’ve been mostly keeping up. I’ve had a few days where I didn’t get in all my practice, but I forgave myself and moved on. And in general, I feel like the course has helped my mindset, as well as my connection with my husband surrounding the actual birth of our child.

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